Assignment: Premature ejaculation

Assignment: Premature ejaculation

Assignment: Premature ejaculation

Assignment: Premature ejaculation.



# 1.73

(1 pts.) Ann and John are experiencing sexual difficulties; specifically, John suffers from premature ejaculation, a common dysfunction. Dr. Kaplan would look for

Physical dysfunctions

A) physical dysfunctions.

B) physical stressors, psychological problems, and relationship difficulties.

C) relationship problems in the marriage.

D) low hormone levels in John.

# 1.74

(1 pts.) A typical behavioral cycle among exhibitionists includes the following stages:


A) insult, depression, restoration of self-esteem by exposing, shame.

B) exposing, shame, depression.

C) substance abuse, exposing, shame, depression.

D) substance abuse, shame, restoration of self-esteem by exposing.


# 1.75

(1 pts.) Joe is a rapist who goes out drinking before committing a rape. His drinking is a means of

A) lowering his inhibitions.

B) blocking painful memories.

Regular response cycle

C) breaking his regular response cycle.

D) engaging in preparatory behaviors.

# 1.76

(1 pts.) In contrast to desire disorders, _____ disorders involve people who want to engage in sex but cannot.


A) psychogenic

B) orgasmic

C) arousal

D) functional


# 1.77

(1 pts.) Dr. Carson says that much of what we refer to as deviant sexuality involves elements of

A) homosexuality.

B) sado-masochism.

C) power, aggression, and domination.

Immature development

D) immature development.

# 1.78

(1 pts.) On a regular basis, Anthony is unable to satisfactorily participate in sexual activities and has lost the ability and the desire to have sex. This is considered

A) an arousal problem.

B) an orgasmic dysfunction.

C) a sexual performance problem.

D) a sexual dysfunction.

# 1.79

(1 pts.) Hypomania is

A) a mild form of mania.

Severe form

B) a severe form of mania with psychotic features.

C) a severe form of mania without psychotic features

D) mania-making depression.

# 1.80

(1 pts.) The risk of suicide is greatest in which of the following?

A) a mild depression

B) a manic phase of bipolar disorder

C) a stuporous depression

D) a severe depression

# 1.81

(1 pts.) In the case of the mood disorders, therapists can expect to be consulted by

A) men and women in equal numbers.

B) more men than women.

C) more women than men.

D) more men with depression and more women with bipolar disorder.

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