Barbie as a Pop Culture Icon

Write a draft paper for 5 pages using the works cited  below other works that are need.  This is to describe how Barbie has given unrealistic body imagines for young girls.

Writing Assignment 1 Topic for Paper

1.    I am selecting the topic Barbie Dolls in Popular Culture.  The Barbie Doll is a famous cultural icon and is just a famous today as she was when she was first introduced to the world in 1959.  She has shaped the way little girls look at themselves and how they dream about their future, which then effects the cults they join throughout their lives.
I am selecting this topic because I feel it is a perfect example of how a Pop Culture Icon from the 1960s to present has evolved and has had a major impact on society. She is described by some as setting unrealistic weight and beauty standards. She is also applauded by others for being a role model for young girls who aspire to have careers.

2.    The two scholarly works I am citing are:
Wolfinger, Shelby, “Barbie: The Real Enemy?” (2015). Academic Symposium of Undergraduate Scholarship. 30.
Tulinski, Hannah, “Barbie As Cultural Compass: Embodiment, Representation, and Resistance Surrounding the Worlds Most Iconized Doll” (2017). Sociology Student Scholarship. 1.

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