Critical response

TIPS for writing your critical responses: Instead of writing out the entire title of the article, just cite the authors: Chang and Au (2007) focus on two issues… The responses are relatively short so every word counts. I would rather read your analysis and not the title of the article. Use your own words to interpret the article. Don’t just summarize the article. It’s always better to use your own words to interpret the author’s ideas instead of merely dropping in a long direct quote. I am only requiring you to use APA format for the in-text citations. If you need examples see below or go to the website: (Links to an external site.) Title page and references page is NOT necessary This is how you cite direct quotes: Yosso and Solorzano (2006) challenge the narrative of “resilience” when stating that “Chicana/o students and families should not have to compensate for the failure of the United States to educate all of its students equally” (p. 2). This is how you cite author’s ideas (just include the name and year): According to Freire (1970), praxis is the idea that thoughtful reflection precedes action, but that both are required in order to bring about liberatory education. Indeed, theory is just as valuable as practice (Freire, 1970). Or, if there are two authors: (Kohli & Solorzano, 2012).

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