Evaluate a community intervention program

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Evaluate a community intervention program by including the following in your essay:

Begin your evaluation by discussing and defining a social issue or problem. As previously suggested, you may want to use one of the issues you identified in your Week 1 assignment.
Explain the population(s) who are affected.

For example, what are the demographic characteristics (ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic class, etc.) of the affected population(s)?

What current efforts (they do not necessarily have to be in your community) are under way to address the problem?

Be sure to review current research on the problem as well. In this section, identify a program that is designed to address the problem.


Next, analyze the social issue using the information about ecological models you have learned about in this class.

This includes providing an example and definition of the levels of analysis that were discussed in Chapters 1, 3, and 5.

Be sure that you address Kelly’s four principles of ecology.

For the principles of Interdependence and Cycling of Resources, your assessment should cover all levels of analysis.
For the principle of Adaptation, you will need to focus on (1) how people affected by the issue adapt to survive and grow, (2) how organizations adapt to the needs of the population affected by the issue, or, the constraints and opportunities in the local community, and how state and federal levels have assisted in addressing the problem.
For the principle of Succession, you should focus on a significant historical event which shaped the social issue. Provide a description of the event and the effect it had on the issue. Specify at which level of analysis the event originated as well as the level of analysis that you believe felt the greatest impact and why.

Finally consider how either prevention or empowerment is used to develop interventions to address the issue.

As part of this, define either empowerment or prevention and discuss the approach.
Then explain how the social issue could be addressed through empowerment or prevention.
Provide an example of three interventions: 1) small group intervention intended to impact the individual; 2) an organizational intervention; and 3) a social intervention. Which types of intervention have been used by the program you selected?

Conclude with your assessment of how well the selected program has addressed the social problem.

Length: 6-8 pages

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