outline and part of draft use of technology in classrooms

this is for a persuasive essay
the topic and position of this assignment:  The use of technology in the classroom helps students develop various skills that are needed in today’s world.

At this point you are not writing the full essay as of yet.
This assignment will include 4 parts
1.    Outline: This is where youll plan your essays structure. 
2.    Working Thesis Statement: This is a one-sentence statement that lays out the position and supporting points of your essay. It should tell your readers what your topic is, what your position is on the topic, and how you will support that position. 
3.    Starting Draft: This is your opportunity to set up the beginning of your essay and to write your introduction and first body paragraph. 
4.    Feedback Reflection: This is your chance to collect the feedback youve received and to take the time to consider how youll use it to improve the writing activity you are currently working on.

start the essay and the outline with a hook, an attention-grabbing opening that makes the reader want to know more
thesis statement should contain 3 main points that will be developed later on in the body paragraphs

Here are a few questions to consider as you determine whether the starting draft deserves full credit: Does it include an introduction and the first body paragraph? Does the introduction include the working thesis statement as its last sentence?

The thesis statement should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph

Use key words and phrases: Use key words or phrases to remind yourself of information you want to include. Full sentences arent necessary at this point.

Outline should look like this with your writing in it:

I.    Introduction
A.    Hook statement:  opening sentence of the essay
B.    Position statement:  Technology should be used in the classroom setting.
II.    Body
A.    First Point:  write what is the first point the topic sentence of 1st body paragraph
1    support of first point
2    support of first point
B.    Second Point: write what is the second point the topic sentence of 2nd body paragraph
1    support of 2nd point
2    support of 2nd point
C.    Third Point:  write what is the third point the topic sentence of 3rd body paragraph
1    support of 3rd point
2    support of 3rd point
D.    Counter Perspective:  what is the counter argument for this essay (opposing view)
1.    oppose this view and find support to oppose it
III.    Conclusion
A.    Rephrase the thesis statement:  rephrase the thesis statement
B.    Action Request:  what is it that you are asking your audience to do.

I also attached a sample of what this assignment should look like

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