Presentation: Nursing Theories in Current Nursing Practice

Presentation: Nursing Theories in Current Nursing Practice

This week, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the theories from each module. Please select one theory from each module (1-8) and answer the following questions. You should have 2-4 slides per theory:

· Describe the theory

· 3 examples of how the theory applies to current practice

· 3 Positive patient outcomes resulting from utilizing the theory

· 3 Benefits to nursing satisfaction when utilizing the theory

· Two barriers to using the theory in practice and at least one method for overcoming each barrier

The PowerPoint presentation should include at least two outside references and the textbook. The presentation should contain 2 to 4 slides per theory, for a total of 16 to 32 slides.

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I would make a checklist for each module to see if you have addressed each point. There is a lot of information and it is easy to forget a section. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please go in the same order as the modules and make sure you have your theory and theorist listed. Please have a title slide that lets your reader know what section you are addressing on that slide. You will have at least one citation per slide for this assignment.

Module 1: Research and Nightingale

Module 2: Peplau, Henderson, and Orem

Module 3: Johnson, Orlando, and the 1950-60’s

Module 4: King & Rogers

Module 5: Roy, Neuman, and the 1970’s

Module 6: Leininger, Newman, and Watson

Module 7: Parse, Erickson, and Tomlin & Swain

Module 8: Theories of the 1980’s and 1990’s

Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice. FA Davis.

As the quarter is coming to a close, reflect back on the concepts and learning experiences which have occurred, and answer the following:

  • What did you learn from this course that you did not already know?
  • How will you apply what you learned to your patient care?

Please provide evidence from professional sources to support your information. Include examples of your prior experience with a client who was having a problem with delusions and/or hallucinations. Presentation: Nursing Theories in Current Nursing Practice

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