In this assessment, you will create an outline for Assessment 6, The Sociology of Me. The outline should identify concepts you will be using to analyze your own experiences and provide a brief summary of why each concept may be relevant. Your sociological analysis of yourself should be supported by credible, scholarly sources, such as those from academic journals. As such, you will also identify scholarly sources that you intend to use.

Write an essay in which you complete all of the following:

Part 1: Section Outline
Identify the sociological concepts you plan to discuss in each section.
Briefly explain the relevance of each concept.
Sections need to include:

Culture and Socialization.
Examine the impact culture and socialization has had on your life.
Examples of concepts to include: Socialization, agents of socialization, culture, values, language, norms, subculture, counterculture, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism.
Social Structure and Groups.
Analyze the impact of social structure and groups on your life.
Examples of concepts to include: Social structure, hierarchy, power, bureaucracy, role, status, primary groups, secondary groups, and group think.
Explain your educational experience from a sociological perspective.
Examples of concepts to include: Hidden curriculum, tracking, social stratification, and stereotypes.
Professional Field.
Explain sociological issues that affect your field of study.
All concepts from other sections are relevant.
Technology and Media.
Analyze the role of technology and media in your everyday life. Examples of concepts: Media, digital divide, framing, and social change.
Part 2: Identify Preliminary Supporting Resources
Identify resources to support an analysis from a sociological perspective.
At least one scholarly source should be identified for each section above.
Provide a brief summary of each identified source.

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