The Monastic Vision of the Benedictine Tradition

This assignment invites students to synthesize what they have learned in this Unit. The essay is not an opinion piece; instead, it invites students to demonstrate what they have learned about the purposes and impact of monasticism, particularly the Benedictine Tradition.

Drawing from all of the readings for this Unit, including what you have learned about the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, Benedict of Nursia, and Benedictine monasticism:

    Write a essay (double-spaced) on The Monastic Vision.
o    Specifically, describe what the monastic vision is, how it affects the larger mission of the Church and how it impacts men and women even today.
o    Review your notes and what you have learned about the Catholic Benedictine Tradition. Remember that the Benedictine tradition is not separate from the Christian tradition. Rather, it is a way of living out the values and principles of this religion.
    As always, the essay should have a strong thesis statement, introduction and conclusion, and demonstrate your own thoughtful reflection.

Sources to use:

Kardong, Terrence, OSB. “The Humanism of Benedict of Nursia.”

Taylor, The Rev. Brian C. “The Benedictine Way as a Counter-Cultural Path.”

Chittister text  Wisdom Distilled from the Daily,:
Chapters 1-3 & 13-15

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