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Assignment Instructions

# This is the flower box and it should at the beginning of each assignment# You must add comments to your code # Program name   : Wk5_firstname_lastname.py # Student Name   : Ymmas Azaba # Course              : ENTD220 # Instructor         : My instructor # Date                 : Any Day# Description            : This code shall .# Copy Wrong      : This is my workYou are going to enhance the prior assignment by doing the following 1) Move all the functions into  Mylib.py2) Use import to include Mylib into the code3) Test the code and make sure that the prior code is still working4) Add the following function into  Mylib    scalc(p1)    p1 will be a string like this “N1, N2, operator”    examples    scalc(“20,30,*”)    the result will be 600     scalc(“50,20,+”)    the result will be 70   scalc(“50,20,-“)    the result will be 30     scalc(“60,20,/”)    the result will be 30 use string functions to parse the first number, the second number, and the operator from the input string.use the prior functions (add, subtract, divide and multiply ) to do the calculations. Submission Instructions:Make sure that you save your code in a text file in this format;W5_firstname_lastname.py 

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